This is the start of the middle ages and you have been given a land grant by the King for services rendered to God, King and Country. You are now the Lord of the Village, determined to build a prosperous settlement in this intricate period... will you be a gentle Lord? Or one with ‎a Fist of Steel? Your challenges will be many, but the rewards will be great. In FOUNDATION, your choices are many as you seek to build your legacy!
Gamescom 2017 Interview
  • You are the Lord of the Village! Build your city, grow your wealth and the economy, and lead your vassals while facing the challenges dealing with the intrigue of the King and Court, the machinations of the Ecclesiastical Estate and the unpredictable behaviors of the rabble and the highwaymen.

  • In “FOUNDATION” you will be building a Medieval City using 3 unique features that allow you to create an organic city:

    • You have total freedom to build where you want since buildings will adapt to the topography they are built on. You can freely build uphill, on top of a mountain, on a cliff or at a waters edge.

    • You will help to determine where roads are traced from the walking trails of the villagers and carts. Roads will tend to weave around hills as they go uphill. Observe as popular roads widen and become major highways and unfrequented ones will disappears over time.

    • Divide your land in shapes you want by using the paint tool to create different types of zoning like agricultural, residential, military, religious, commercial, and resources extraction such quarries, hunting reserves, and lumber lots.

  • You will create unique majestic monuments! “FOUNDATION” allows you to design unique monuments to beautify your city: Churches, cathedrals, abbeys and castles. You can assemble your monument by choosing among different parts and architectural options.

  • You will need to establish relation with your neighbour cities to access to rare materials and specialized workers needed to build your edifices in your honour.

  • Inspire yourself from examples of unique European cities: Import real topologies and reproduce the great cities of history.
In-Game Models