FOUNDATION is a City Builder taking place in medieval times. FOUNDATION offers a revolutionary building experience with an emphasis on the organic look of villages of this period. By directly incarnating the village lord, the player will have the opportunity to guide his villagers, make the economy flourish and build majestic monuments.
Who we are
Polymorph Games is a team of veteran game developers for PC, console and mobile. The team previously delivered a dozens of projects on various engines like Unity and Unreal 4, as well as custom game engines.
Who we worked for
We offer professional game development services. If you need a dedicated team to develop your game or to give you a hand with programming, we definitely can help you! Contact Us!

We helped Eidos Montreal with programming on their game
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
We developed core mechanics and did game design consulting for Ululab's new undisclosed project.
« It's quite rare to find game developers who can quickly adapt their programming skills to what's needed. Polymorph have shown that their talent ranges from quick prototyping code, to low level performance optimization, to code that is well structured and scales to long term development. As such Polymorph can bring a truly useful contribution at any stage of a game' development. We would certainly work with them again. »
- François Boucher-Genesse, Ululab
The co-founders
Philippe Dion - Creative Director and Senior Programmer
Philippe is a 9 year experienced game developer who has a computer science degree. He made his debut as a game programmer at Frima Studio where he was quickly recognized for his leadership and creativity. These qualities led him to lead a programming team responsible for the delivery of more than a dozen titles, most of them intellectual properties.

In 2014, he created Chariot, a game that won the Numix Independent Game Award and was finalist in 8 categories at the Canadian Videogame Awards.
Léo Carnaut-Delord - Technical Director
With a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, Léo holds 6 years of experience in video games. He worked at BulkyPix and Spiders in France, then at Frima and Larian in Quebec City.

He has led the development team of the multiplatform engine and the game editor of Chariot. He also worked closely with the production team to design cutting-edge technologies and tools that allow them to express their creativity and increase their efficiency.

In 2015, Léo won the Pixel Challenge, a gaming competition in Quebec City, with Beyond, a cooperative platformer.
Our Technology
Foundation relies on our own game engine: Hurricane, a 3D component-oriented C++ engine. Hurricane is the very extension of the company and is the key to the success of Foundation as it allows us to create tools that are fully and precisely designed to express our creativity.

Hurricane also facilitates the provision of some of our tools to the community. Players who want to personalize their experience will discover simple and enjoyable tools specifically designed for gaming.

Its key features are:
  • c++ engine & game play
  • component based, data driven
  • physically based rendering
  • in game c++ hot-reload
  • c++ code reflection
  • c++ custom code annotation system
  • automatic exposure of editable members in the editor
  • custom editable resource type
  • simplified save-game system
  • dynamic replay of game session
  • complete game & level editor (scene edition, prefabs, scene tree, ...)
  • behavior tree node tool